Issues after chlamydia

Posted by addy23 @addy23, Aug 6, 2022

Hi, everyone!
Just looking for some answers
In November of 2021 I started having symptoms of what I thought was a yeast infection. I used 7 day monistat and the yeast infection seemed to go away. In February of 2022 I went for a yearly exam and 2 weeks later they called to tell me I had chlamydia. I only had it for 3 months as I had been tested for STDs in October and had nothing, and I slept with someone at the end of November right before my “yeast infection” started so I didn’t have it long. I was given one dose of azithromycin and went back for my test of cure and tested negative. A few weeks later I started having pelvic cramps on both sides so I went back to my OB and was given two weeks of doxy and flagyl in case of PID. After taking these antibiotics I’ve continued to have complications. I have not ovulated in four months, I cramp all month long sometimes it feels like really strong mental cramps, I have gas all the time, sometimes my period is late, I have pain that shoots through my lower back and sometimes down one of my legs while pooping. I spoke with my OB about this and she said I “may” have a cyst and said it should go away. Never even did an ultrasound. I don’t have bleeding between periods, no pain during sex, no pain or burning while urinating, and my period is sometimes 5 days late. Before the chlamydia I was VERY regular. Had my period every month and ovulated as well and have only ever been 2 days late MAX. Could someone please help me with some answers???

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Hello @addy23 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Because your post-treatment symptoms aren't consistent with your pre-treatment symptoms, I would go back in for the new symptoms specifically and maybe even see someone different if possible to get a fresh take.

Have you thought about a second opinion?


im experiencing some of the same things along with a bunch of urinary symptoms. a bunch of women go through this it seems after chlamydia, im wondering if anyone is getting cured?


I had the same exact situation. After I found out I had it and took the antibiotics, I had what felt like a pinch on both sides of my pelvis. It wasn’t super painful, but definitely noticeable. It did go away, although it took awhile. I’d say it lasted maybe 6 months. I only get it while ovulating now, which could be normal.
Have you taken any ovulation tests? What I can say is though your period might be late as long as it’s still coming each month you are most likely ovulating. Typically if you don’t ovulate you won’t get a period at all.
My periods were very strange after I was treated. They would last 9-14 days each month, but luckily it resolved itself.
I know how scary this is, I still worry at times, but I’m sure you are ok (: sometimes stress can cause irregularities as well.

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