ISS - Mayo Protocol works

Posted by brookssh @brookssh, May 21, 2017

I wanted to relay that I was diagnosed about seven years ago with ISS and vocal cord dysfunction by Dr’s White and O’Rourke at MUSC, Charleston, SC..
After doing dilations twice a year, I am very happy to say that my doctor thinks the Mayo protocol I am following using flonase, flovent, nexium seems to be working. I am now at almost twelve months since my last dilation and can still breath well. We believe it was the addition of the flovent that did the trick.
I am going in this week to receive a fat (from stomach) injection into my frozen vocal cord to help me talk and also to measure how dilated I am. Also investigating CBD oil for inflammation. Has anyone had luck with the fat injections or the oil? Thanks and good luck to all.

This is fabulous news! Thank you, @brookssh for sharing!

@brookssh I’m glad to hear that you are doing better, that is great news. I have a completely paralyzed vocal cord and I did have an injection – not sure what type of material it was. It was considered a temporary fix to see if I was a candidate for surgery. The injection helped my voice and I went on to have surgery where a silastic implant was inserted into the vocal cord. It was very good and I’m glad I did it. Best wishes to you for health and a strong voice! Teresa

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