Ischemic Disease of the Brain

Posted by raingirl99 @raingirl99, Dec 8, 2019

In 2015, went to the ER for falls, dizzy, unsteady gait, eye probs & they did an MRI & CT on my brain and said I was okay. When I accessed my test results 2-days later, results showed small vessel ischemic disease of rt occipital & parietal lobes. I gave the test results to my then doctor & he said nothing. My new doc said I had chronic s.v ischemia to the rt occipital/parietal lobes. Who do I see next for help? I'm scared since my brain has white patches

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Hello @raingirl99. I'd like to invite @techi to this discussion as they have talked about having white matter and ischemia in the brain. @raingirl, has your provider discussed potential side-effects with you? I did a quick search on Mayo Clinic's site and it looks as though ischemia on the brain can involve many departments, Are you at a higher risk for a stroke?


@raingirl99 – how are you feeling today? Hoping members like @stephenluptak @bstechman @uldiver @johnbishop will have some input for you on your ischemic disease of the brain diagnosis and where to go next with treating it and whom to see for care.

What did your new doc say about appropriate treatment?


Hi @raingirl99 — hopefully you will hear from other members tagged by @lisalucier. I did find an article that explains it a little and may provide some help for you.

About Cerebral Ischemia –


Hello @raingirl99

You do not mention what specialists you have seen, but you might consider seeing a neurologist who specializes in this type of brain disorder. If there is a large multidisciplinary medical center (like a university medical school or a facility like Mayo Clinic) in your general vicinity, you might give them a call and see who they have on their staff who might be able to review your scans and give you a second opinion.

How are you feeling now? Have you had any relief from the symptoms that took you to the ER (falls, dizzy, unsteady gait, eye probs)?

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