Diet after bleeding from Ischemic colitis

Posted by boneyjoany @boneyjoany, Aug 20, 2020

Was hospitalized for two days with bleeding. I’m still passing blood clots. I need to know what I can eat. I’m so hungry. What is a good liquid diet I can try and then bland food. I’ve seen so many conflicted diets. Thanks

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Hi @boneyjoany I found this site that gives a lot of information about what liquids to drink and what food to reintroduced.
How long have you had ischemic colitis? Did the doctors in the hospital suggest anything?


My first attack was over new years 2021 in the hospital for 4 days and i just received my second attack no blood lighter than the first. I was use to eating anything and now i have to find foods to prepare for meals, unless you just eat a little of this or that which is recommended in what foods to eat.

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