is this a blood blister?

Posted by duckslikesunchips @duckslikesunchips, Aug 10 11:17pm

last night, i thought i had a scratch or pimple on my hand, and i did try to pop it. i woke up with a purplish dot that has grown exponentially over 12 hours. attached is the progression. anyone who saw it said it is a blood blister and not to pop it.
but now it is huge and it hurts. i do not want to go to the ER if i dont have to. please help.

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progression pictures over 12 hours.


Welcome @duckslikesunchips, Connect is patient to patient website and as such members can share personal experience but not give medical advice. Given that it has grown quickly, I would seek medical attention as soon as possible if it were me. Can you call your doctor or care team and describe the symptoms of the growth like you have here?


Hi @duckslikesunchips I second John's welcome. I also completely agreed with his advice. My husband had a very similar boil that grew very quickly and it turned out to be MRSA. I know going to the ER is no picnic, but if it is MRSA, it is very contagious and needs to be treated immediately.

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