Is there a Mayo physician working with cancer as a metabolic disease?

Posted by dennisbrauer @dennisbrauer, Feb 15 9:35am

We are looking for a Mayo physician who is willing to consider metabolic therapies for an inoperable grade 4 glioblastoma, wildtype. Conventional therapies has not worked (delivered to family member at Rochester Mayo). The SOC of chemo, radiation, and now an ultrasound clinical trial have all been unsuccessful. On our own the family member pursued information about metabolic therapy, and during that time, the tumor got smaller or stayed the same size. It also allowed the family member to interact and participate, almost fully, in life. However, the clinical trial, which was unsuccessful, required him to discontinue the metabolic therapy.

The family member would like to stay with the Mayo system but also would like to consider going back to the metabolic approach. Has anyone found a MAYO doctor, or read anything about a physician researching the metabolic therapy. I have searched on the internet and can't find anything affiliated with Mayo.
Thank you.

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@dennisbrauer, research is being done at Mayo Clinic regarding cancer and metabolism. Specifically, the Metabolism and Diabetes biomedical research platform studies the processes of obesity, fat storage and utilization, cancer metabolism, insulin regulation, and related diseases. See more here:

You might start by contacting the Center for Biomedical Discovery to discover who is working in this field and what clinical trials might be available.

Mayo Clinic also has a program called Integrative Medicine or Integrative Oncology that you may wish to look into:
– Integrative Medicine and Health

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