Is Omeprazole safe for people with chronic kidney disease?

Posted by macferse @macferse, Sep 14 5:22am

Hi all,
I am currently tapering down Prednisilone for PMR. Since the start of taking Prednisolone 6 months ago, I have also been prescribed Omeprozole to counteract possible corrosive effect on the digestive tract. However, I have recently read some warnings about long term use of Omeprazole, such as damage to kidneys, weakening of bones leading to increased danger of breakages. I already have Chronic Kidney Disease and know that steroids can lead to bone density loss, so am looking for any informed opinion on the wisdom of continuing to take omeprazole. Thanks

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@macferse, I added your question to the Kidney group too so members living with CKD can weigh in. Ultimately, this is a question for you and your doctor, as your doctor will know all the medications you are taking and the state and stage of your kidney disease. Also, don't forget that your pharmacist is a well-informed member of your medical team, particularly when it comes to drug interactions.

Have you talked to your doctor or pharmacist about the medications you're taking?


Thanks Coleen, for sharing my question with the CKD group. I haven't talked to my doctor about my concerns, since I just recently read about the possible side effects of Omeprazole.

Thanks again.


My personal (not a doctor or phamacist) opinion about PPIs is the rebound problem makes them too hard to get off of and there are less "demanding" drugs to try. Such as the H2 blocking acid reducers. I don't know how they are on the kedneys "though. My rheumy always has me take my pred with food.

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