Is it Canker Sore or Cancer?

Posted by subh7 @subh7, Feb 19 3:47am

I noticed this sore on the right side of my tongue on January 13th this year and before that I remember putting really hot food in mouth. I thought it is for the very hot friend chicken piece that I took in mouth.

But after a week of its appearance, the sore didn't go away and after 39 days it's still there. Though some changes I found in the white area and in the photo it looks like the white area is narrowing down with time. I took 3 photos in the entire duration of this sore so far.

In the beginning there was quite pain but with time there is very minimal pain.

I am really concerned if its a canker sore or cancer?

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Welcome to Connect @subh7 . I also am very anxious about every sore in my mouth, having had radiation to the area years ago. My experience has been that canker/cold sores will usually be healed in a couple of weeks. Local bacterial or fungal infection can cause them to persist. It sounds like you might benefit from a visit to your primary care provider or even your dentist to evaluate this lesion that has been present for over a month. I have used a product called Glyoxide from the drugstore to help persistent canker sores to heal.

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