IPF I can’t breathe bleach or cleaning supplies

Posted by tempiej @tempiej, Nov 20, 2021

I need help explaining this disease to my husband. I am newly diagnosed since having COVID in January this year. He continues to use bleach for cleaning and says I overact about being unable to breath after he uses the bleach. It does effect my breathing but I need help explaining this to him. As to why it effects my breathing so quickly. He is a nice guy but doesn’t understand my new diagnosis. I have been healthy all my life until I got the scarring on my lungs from COVID. Please help.

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Hello Tempiej, I have pretty reactive lungs too with allergic asthma and bleach is pretty toxic. I had mopped a bathroom floor with some water with a bit of bleach and even though everything was dry, there was a bleach smell that attracted my cats. I was able to neutralize that with some hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and just misted the floor and let that dry. It took care if the smell and the cats stopped rolling on the floor. Hydrogen peroxide reacts and turns into water. Cleaning with vinegar in water (don't mix with bleach) would be a lot less toxic. I like to use Bonami on sinks as it is non toxic and does a good job. Here is a link I found with instructions on making your own non toxic cleaners. I hope your husband can understand that this is a real issue, and not just for lungs that are post covid.
Would you try making your own safer household cleaners?


Jennifer thank you so so much for this info . I was diagnosed just this year and am a fanatic with cleaning supplies and now am having to reevaluate everything so as to have a more air neutral environment. Thank you again -Greg

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