Internal Fasciculations next to Spine

Posted by Jo @sen4, Oct 25 11:35am

I have a variety of symptoms with no diagnosis yet:* pain (+burning pain) particularly in the upper left abdomen and upper back, tinglings, internal vibrations and fasciculations (which can be both visible and felt deep inside). I caught the visible twitchings on camera and my dr called them fasciculations. So I will call those felt deep inside internal fasciculations. (I also have internal vibrations/tremors) but it is another story. My main pain is on the upper left side. I have random fasciculations around my body but when I lie in bed, I particularly feel twitchings/internal fasciculation at a particular point – a little above my waist near my spine, on the left side. The internal fasciculations at this small location have been persistent for a long time. (I do not know the cause of these symptoms however I believe that I have vaccine injury as well – after which I felt electric shocks in my left chest for a few days . My heart began to pump slowly following the vaccine and the booster; this followed with the left side pain, that's why I am posting it here.) I first had pain and tinglings. Internal vibrations and fasciculations followed almost a year later. Does anyone else have similar symptoms, particularly persistent internal fasciculations at a specific location near the spine? Has anyone got a diagnosis for this? I am just thinking… My tests a year ago seem clear but maybe I need more specified tests, I don't know. Could this left upper back and left upper abdominal pain related to an organ (pancreas, kidneys, adrenal glands), spine, hormones, infection, I am curious to hear your experience… Thank you.

*I have posted before; you may check my only post and an update comment below that post.

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I get muscle twitches and the feeling of vibrating in my abdomen.

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