Intercostal neuralgia

Posted by lisarei @lisarei, Oct 9 9:11am

I am trying to get a diagnosis for nerve pain and spasms in my right upper back and right chest wall that also affects my rib cage on the right side s/p sports injury many years ago. Things got worse after 22 years and I can’t get a diagnosis. It causes burning at that spot in my upper back, radiating/shooting pain and muscle spasms rib and chest wall. They thought it was my cervical spine and I did have successful spine surgery but I relapsed. The ortho surgeon and a neurosurgeon do not think it is my spine at this point. They physiatrist thinks it is my long thoracic nerve that had been affected by c5/6. Unfortunately I have been turned down by Mayo Clinic for an appointment so I can get a diagnosis.

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Any chance you’ve got costochondritis? Inflammation of the costochondral joints of the chest, which can cause chest pain. The pain of costochondritis can sometimes be distinguished from other, more serious forms of chest pain by its reproducibility on palpation of the involved joints and the absence of abnormalities on chest x-ray examinations, electrocardiograms, and blood tests.
SYN: SEE: Tietze syndrome

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