interactions between low-dose aspirin and other NSAIDs

Posted by janemc @janemc, Nov 7 6:09pm

Recently diagnosed with ET (MPL), I'm taking low-dose aspirin daily, as well as 1 500 MG HU each week. I'm 69, platelet counts in the 650-750 range.

I also have a bad back. Apparently taking NSAIDs can make aspirin less effective.

What would be a better choice for pain reduction?

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Hi @janemc. Welcome to Connect. I know you’re concerned about taking NSAIDs and having the possibility of interfering with the low dose aspirin therapy you’re currently following. However, members in the forum can’t diagnose conditions or offer treatments. The best person to ask for this information would be your doctor. Have you spoken with your primary care physician or hematologist about this?


Thank you for your kind response. As my next appt is several weeks away, I was hoping to hear what other ET patients may have found effective.

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