Intense nerve pain months after chemo

Posted by lilliejane2 @lilliejane2, May 15 6:52am

I had whipple for pancreatic cancer 17 months ago, followed by 6 months of gemcitabine and abraxane chemo. Last chemo was 9 months ago. Cancer marker rising now, but no cancer found on PET scan.
I just started having intense nerve pain everywhere.
Has anyone experienced this?

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@lilliejane2, I'm tagging fellow members like @lfitz @helenar @lvtexas @luciad @davidtd @slosammie @markymarkfl who have experience with gemcitabine and abraxane. You might also be interested in this related discussion:

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Lillijane, is the nerve pain focused on your hands and feet, as in peripheral neuropathy? Or is it different? How are you doing now?

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