Insomnia and depression

Posted by Iraku @iraku, Jun 21, 2012

I have noticed after the anti-depressant kicks in my insomnia has been slowly increasing. I feel wide awake for some period and then becoming so tired and thought that I could sleep but then when the light is off and I just slowly back to becoming wide awake again. I usually unable to sleep around mid night, the usual hour that I can fall asleep will moving away from 3 am to later and later. No matter how I tried to tired myself out and go to bed at normal hour, it won’t happen. Please help!

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Thanks. I don't think I could sleep with a c pap. Got not as good sleep last night as previous night. Related to anxiety disorder and other things. Appreciate your prayers


Many of you have talked about a link with depression and anxiety and depression: that your antidepressants increase anxiety, or that anxiety or depression themselves keep you lying awake at night, unable to get the sleep you'd like. Wondered if you'd share how that is going lately? I think many of the members here will benefit from your updates and anything you've found helps along the way.

@tolepma – how is your stress lately? Is it interfering with your sleep?

@lorena1egas – how are things going with the anxiety you were dealing with and your sleep?

@peejayo – you'd said you feel you can hardly sleep when you feel you should, and you also mentioned dealing with anxiety and depression. How is your sleep going recently?

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