Inner ear pressure, motion sickness, fatigue

Posted by jamfin4 @jamfin4, Jul 24, 2023

Hi, all! It’s been so helpful seeing that it’s not just me still dealing with issues after Covid. I tested positive on December 31 of last year. My struggles have been with fatigue (like everyone else), low blood pressure, inner ear pressure & motion sickness. I was on antibiotics & nasal sprays for the ear pressure which were no help. Finally decided to try vestibular physical therapy. My therapist was amazing. While it didn’t relieve the ear pressure, she helped me be able to ride in a car longer than 5 minutes without feeling nauseated. My ear issue was not vertigo. It’s so hard getting others to understand that. The pressure worsens the more fatigued I am experiencing. It’s also makes my hearing worse. Doctors are at a loss as how to help. Fatigue is a battle. I’ll feel fine and participate in some type of activity then suffer for a couple of days with fatigue. I try to listen to my body & not overdue but . . . it’s hard. My husband & I retired shortly before I got Covid. We’d like to do activities. I try but suffer afterwards. Fatigue is a beast. People don’t understand that while I may look & sound fine, fatigue is my constant companion. I do walk each morning which I need to do for my mental well being. I lost some weight. It’s slowly coming back. Had a stretch where I had low blood pressure. It was in the 80/50 range. It’s come back up most days to a more normal level. My doctor lowered the beta blocker I was on for migraines. You can imagine what has happened since. Yes, my migraines are slowly coming back. Yuk! My PCP referred me to the University of Florida’s long Covid treatment program. Earliest appointment I could get is mid September. One day at a time. Such an awful experience!!

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Oh how AWFUL. All ready to retire and have adventures… I’m so sorry.
I hesitate to say this, because you may not WANT to hear suggestions. If not, please just re-read the first part and ignore the rest!
My son has Lyme disease focused in his brain and has had pressure and hearing loss and tinnitus. (Along with visual and Neuro problems.) He has (finally!!) been diagnosed with bacteria-caused autoimmune encephalitis. Brain swelling.
A bacteria was the trigger; curious if a virus can? This virus can do everything else, from fatigue to insomnia to trading market shares, so it may be something to look into? (Or not!!)
Good luck….


Vertigo. I have it - in waves aligned with chronic expansion and contraction of my lymph nodes


Good morning! I have constant nausea and dizziness since I had Covid in June. 8 years ago, I had really bad vertigo for a year and went to a neuro ear doc. It's not positional but chronic. He tried everything and then suggested Meclizine which is like Dramamine but doesn't have the extra stuff in it and it's a lot cheaper. I buy it on Amazon for $9.99 for 3 bottles of -100 pills. When I started getting the nausea and dizziness and a bit of vertigo from Covid, I started taking it and it really helps me. It does make you tired, but I would rather be tired than have nausea etc. I have the fatigue too.
I hope this helps.


It’s my understanding that brain inflammation is causing similar problems for me. I lose hearing in my left ear when fatigued and need to wear .75+ prescription glasses or I’ll get a headache despite the fact that this correction is less than starter readers. Also, when I’m out and about, if I turn my head and notice the world taking a second to catch up to my vision, then I know I need to get home because it’s a signal
I’m fatigued and will start having balance issues that can impact my driving. I learned this because I was at a MN Loons game and began to notice the problem with my peripheral vision, but ignored it until I noticed that the stadium lights and clapping were bothering me so much (like an irritant type of bother), which made me start to feel nauseous and so I left. While driving home, I had to pull over and ask my friend to drive the rest of the way because I was feeling so motion sick. Now, i don’t ignore that signal and haven’t had the driving problems since.

I’ve done vestibular PT and some of the exercises help, but others make me feel like my brain is rattling around in my head, so I don’t do those. I figure the doctors are prescribing exercises related to normal vestibular problems, but as you know, our symptoms don’t neatly align with those type of issues, so I pick and choose what works and hope for the best.

Finally, Botox injections for migraines have helped me feel less pressure in my head.

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