Inguinal Hernia Mesh Repair Pain

Posted by ross79 @ross79, Oct 20, 2016

Hello. I have had a right inguinal laparoscopic hernia repair with a large 3D bard mesh in December of 2013. Have been in pain and discomfort ever since. Opposite side of repair felt tight and tender shortly after procedure. About a year after surgery i started getting rash symptoms upon physical exercise (mainly cycling). Running also makes surgery area painful.
Have seen quite a few doctors in the Chicago area that tried to convince me that the mesh needs to stay inside me no matter what and that i should look into pain management. That’s what i did. Injections and physical therapy don’t help. Massaging the area makes it even more painful.
At this point i am looking to find a specialist that has experience with my situation. Can anyone here make a recommendation of someone i could contact ? Willing to travel out of state.
Thank you in advance,


Hello ross79, welcome to Connect. Thank you for sharing your personal frustrations and complications regarding your hernia repair and mesh as that must not have been easy. I have included a few discussions you may want to read through for other Connect members experiencing similar things to yourself.

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I would also like you to meet @aliciadayan8, @ando, @johnpais1, and @timfitz who have all discussed hernias, pain, and procedures. They may be able to provide you with some insight on your questions.

@ross79, have your physicians in the Chicago area suggested a second opinion? Is traveling an option, or are you looking for members to suggest specialists close to the Chicago area?

So far, I've found two doctors that remove mesh with vast experience, Dr. Kevin Perterson Las Vegas and Dr. David Grischkan, Beachwood, OH. Neither have a relationship with Medicare.

The mesh is attacking my nervous system in my hip and leg area and has caused arthritis. The sooner it is removed the better. I have one of the simpler devices: UltraPro by Johnson&Johnson's Ethicon. Ethicon hides their MSDS from doctors who are not aware that Polypropylene is "not to be used inside the Human body". There are thousands of law suits ongoing against the manufacturers of these tragic money making companies.

My question to you Justin is simply, do you do removal and have you been able to avoid damage to other organs, testis and nerves, avoiding big scar tissue formations and "getting all the mesh out"? Do you take Medicare? What are the charges to me after Medicare?

Desarda at Ft.Meyers Florida. Dr. Peterson in Las Vegas, Dr.Raz at UCLA. I am in the same boat and I been bounced back and forth with doctors at Hopkins. I will probably have to go to Florida to have the Mesh removed. There aren't a lot of doctors specializing in Mesh removal or repair. I have been through hell with this and there aren't to many caring doctors on the planet anymore. Good luck!

There is a surgical clinic in Beverly hills, Calif. that specializes in repairs and removal of inguinal mesh, etc. but I am sure you will pay top dollar. You know how it goes, money first then the well being of the patient.

I had three hernia surgeries after I found out they weren't holding because the hospital had used RECALLED m

I had three hernia surgeries after I found out they weren't holding because the hospital had used RECALLED mesh that they didn't give back. And now my belly button is disfigured and I still have an 6 inch by 12 inch piece of mesh in me, last problem was in 2015, but I always worry that there will be future problems. I would highly recommend u get you post operative reports from the the hospital and find out what company it was from and see if it was RECALLED. Good luck!!! If u find anything contact a lawyer immediately! Good luck!!

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