inflammation winter blues

Posted by liltava @liltava, Feb 15 11:51am

I am asking for some advice for finger flare up during the winter months. I am struggling with inflamed finger pain and wondering if anyone has some tips other than pain meds. I feel I have my rheumatoid arthritis is controlled but have trouble during the cold months. Any advice is much appreciated!!!

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@liltava Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect! Arthritis is uncomfortable to say the least, no matter what kind you have.

For me, I try to keep my hands warm all the time. Even in the summer I drive with lightweight gloves on. And every night, sometimes during the day too, I put on a good thick Vitamin E lotion then gloves. Do either of these sound doable for you?


RA runs in my family, although I don’t seem to have it. My grandfather, uncles, cousins, etc, have severe RA. I know some of them take regular injections. I think it helps them maintain mobility and it’s not a pain med. I’m not sure of the med name.

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