inflammation at C1, C2 of cervical spine causing cervicogenic headach

Posted by kathy513 @kathy513, Feb 5 9:25am

Has anyone received injections or ablation at C1, C2 for inflammation at this level of the cervical spine or any other treatments? Limited to what medications I can take due to Eliquis. Thank you!

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I have received acupuncture, nerve blocks, PT, chiropractic adjustments, own two TENS units, use infrared lights, ice and then heat and I have tried just about whatever is out there for my herniated disks. I have herniations from C-2 through C8 with spurs and stenosis on C4-5 and C5-6, pinching into the spinal cord. I then found relief in my chiropractor when he started using the DRX machine on me. What usually brings some relief after 5-10 sessions, took over 40 sessions. My neck pain has not be diagnosed as CRPA and is spreading. I will not surcome to invasive surgery for plates and screws as i have osteoporosis and have bone loss in my spine. Capacilin cream helps, but i have really gotten relief by taking good old fashion Cayenne pepper and mixing it in my skin lotion. I smear that on my neck by the disks, cover it with a cheese cloth or wash towel and sit in my recliner with a towel behind my head and watch TV. In a couple of hours, the magic happens. Everything in my neck heats up and starts to relax. It can get rather hot from the cayenne pepper. I wash it off and go to bed while I have the benefits of that deep penetrating heat from the cayenne. Having a degree in holistic nutrition, I also found diet and pain have a relationship with each other. Avoid inflammatory foods. Use a tens unit often to interfere with the pain signal. Since I have CRPS in my neck with muli-level herniations, using a TEN unit daily helped while working. Avoid Avoid and Avoid sugar, red meat, and dairy as they all produce lots of inflammation contributing to the cycle of pain. A MUST is to also learn self hypnosis pain and relaxation techniques, mindfulness, and especially progressive relaxation. These last techniques alone with have significant benefits to reduce pain. Consistent stretching on a daily basis is equally important. Just using self hypnosis, guided imgary, and some progressive relaxation techniques, I can reduce my overall pain from a 10 -shot me - to a 5 - its ok to work and have fun. Pain is manageable at a 5. I was not allowed to lift over 7 pounds and to not do anything raising my arms to my face level or above. No more scrubbing showers and floors. It is important to take some things from each catagory: physical, mental, emotional, and dietary to start a fews things at a time. Do not forget, we now have lots of full spectrum CBD, CBG CBN, etc products that have helped me tremendously. The yoga, stretching, hot/ice, diet changes, progressive relaxation and self hypnosis are the most helpful. I swear by my CBD formulas and my medical marijuana for pain as one has to only use certain terpenes and cannabinoids to get the most pain relief and sleep.

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@cathy1111, thank you so much for all the information! I greatly appreciate it. Of the things that you mentioned, I have been following an anti inflammatory diet for a couple of weeks. My husband has been looking up recipes and making many soups and breads. He understands No sugar, no dairy, no processed foods, no white flour, and him being a vegetarian and doing all the cooking, we do not have meat at all.
I also use a tens unit but it hurts on my neck and makes my muscles move and contract, even on the lowest setting. I also use a THC/CBD cream 1:1 ration and apply a heating pad. I use a lot of ice on my neck and head. As you mentioned at the beginning, I never thought it was my neck but for 5 years, up until this started last May, I was swimming 40 laps 5 days a week. I use to run. I ran for 40 years until my neck and back could not stand it anymore. While swimming, I wore a snorkel as to not move my neck.
I really need to learn relaxation techniques, progressive relaxation, guided imagery, and self hypnosis. If you could send me some links, I would appreciate it.
At the beginning my scalp burned, so went to a dermatologist, then ear and facial pain, I thought I had an ear and sinus infection so ENT. Both told me it was neurological but having neck issues in the past , I went to Orthopedic. I was convinced it was occipital neuralgia. They gave me a nerve block that did not work. Eventually , the pain in my head, face ear and behind my eye was so great I started taking muscle relaxants and Opiates. I also have Pelvic Organ prolapse that I was scheduled to have surgery for but had to cancel due to the tremendous head pain. I knew I could not recover with the head pain. I had to stop most medications because they caused constipation which worsens the prolapse. I also take Eliquis so no nsaids. I can only take Tylenol. I fear I may be damaging my liver. Eventually, I saw a local neurologist, who only wanted to prescribe Lamotrigine and I refused to take it. I was already taking gabapentin.
I am being treated at Mayo and so far they have done an SPG, which has been very effective but needs repeating every so often. The also have done a Dorsal Root Ganglion block at C2 and will be repeating it at the end of this month. The 1st was in January.
Iwebt to my local ER about 5 times and was sent away with the muscle relaxers and opiates, before going to Mayo ER. They admitted me for 3 days and tested me very thoroughly. After aCT Spect scan they determined I have structural/ arthritic issues and much inflamation at C1, C2. It also revealed issues at C3 , C4 but surgery is the only fix for it. Like you I do not want any surgeries. I already have put a very necessary, long recovery surgery on the back burner. I am 70 and the longer I put the prolapse surgery off the greater the risks with age.
I think the relaxation techniques, imagery, hypnosis would greatly help me. I 100 % need it. I do get a massage and she constantly tells me how tight I am and says relax but I literally don’t know how!
I also cannot find a comfortable position for sleeping. I have gone through half a dozen pillows. Even when I do fall asleep out of sheer exhaustion, I am easily awaken. I need something to help me sleep. I had a medical marijuana card when we lived in Florida for other issues but we now live in Georgia and it is illegal. What are the terpenes and cannabinoids for pain and sleep?
I have asked you for so much information but at times I am desperate! My life has come to a stand still because I don’t know when I will be at a 10 so I stay home to be close to pain relief!
Thank you again!!!!


I have had 4-spinal fusions at different times approximately 10 years apart each surgery gave me 10 years of pain free I went to UCSF they are fantastic
I had ablation prior to the last surgery and it did nothing for me but I have degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis

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I will do most anything to avoid back surgery. I watched both parents and older brother go through one surgery and then another and another. I have DDD and spinal stenosis. I have had spinal cord stimulators implanted. I have a fantastic pain management doctor who keeps me going. If only Workers Comp didn't take so long in okaying or denying procedures, I wouldn't be in the pain I am in.

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