Inconclusive pregnancy test

Posted by kam21 @kam21, Aug 30, 2022

I have taken two different tests different brands two different days and they both came back inconclusive nothing in the control window at all why?

I've taken tests before and I have one son I didn't take the tests wrong.
Also I am not on any medications

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Hi @kam21. Well, having a blank test is certainly frustrating and disappointing! I’ve looked for information on why this would occur. On the sites checked the most frequent reason cited that urine didn’t reach the control window. Since you’ve done these tests successfully in the past that’s probably not the case. Especially since you repeated it twice with two separate manufactures.

Here’s one of the sites I found that was pretty explanatory on multiple factors that might provide a blank window from,urine%20wasn’t%20enough%20to%20reach%20the%20result%20window.

It is also possible that the hCG level in your urine is low…very early in a pregnancy or with the possibility of drinking too much liquid before the test, diluting the urine.

How far past your period are you?

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