Inactive TB Treatment

Posted by suzanne2 @suzanne2, Jan 9, 2022

I know this is not commonly heard of anymore but thought I would ask! Is anyone dealing with the issue of inactive TB? If so what meds were you prescribed? I have had this for 30+ years and now, all of a sudden, they want me to take a medication for 6 months! The problem is the side effects of Isoniazid! It is deemed to cause peripheral neuropathy, just one side effect, and I already deal with it and don't need something to worsen what is already a serious problem. There are other issues with this drug and at my age I don't need to deal with these things. I don't like to fight City Hall (PCP) so I am puzzled on what to do. For over 30 years no one has said anything about my positive skin test since I always have a negative chest x ray! No I don't want to get TB! Words of advice would be most helpful.

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Hello Suzanne, I don't want to bombard you with questions, but I would be curious too. There are lots of people "out there" with latent TB who are not being treated.

First, who are "they" who want to treat? If it is anyone other than an infectious disease doc who specializes in mycobacterial infections, it might be time for a second opinion.
Second, when and why did the recommendation arise? Was it during a routine exam, or were you seeking treatment for something else?
Third, did they do a TB Gold test or a sputum culture? Some people, like you, my daughter and my brother, can test positive for years, be asymptomatic and need no treatment. Others can exhibit health or symptom changes that lead to treating.

You say "I don't like to fight City Hall…" but you are so right to ask questions. This is your body & your life. Get an explanation that makes sense to you, consult a specialist and get more testing, or continue to watch and wait.

Let me know what you learn!


I went through the above myself. There are shorter treatments that are available. Please look into that. I couldnt do shorter treatments ie 12 weeks because i am on blood thinners. Guidelines for treatment have been updated, there is 2020 guidelines – you can google and pdf is free to view. If any questions, can email me

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