Scoliosis: In pain morning noon and night

Posted by meandyou @meandyou, Apr 1 4:57am

I have scoliosis. Have had since 12yrs I finally found a pain management dr. And had my pain under control with medication. Then. my state switched me to Obama care! My clinic refused it and they told me i would not be able to use there service any more. Im in pain all the time Ive done p.t. tens injections exercise heat ice nothing else works but medication! I feel like im walking around with a ten lb. BOWLING BALL on my shoulders. Im just so tired from hurting every day!😪

I have scoliosis also, but the deal seems to be minding my posture and keeping hips and sacrum flexible — PT really has made a difference. The basics I do are cat/cow/child/cobra yoga, clamshell stretches and piriformis stretches. Water exercise is great, too. No meds do it all. I am on Etodolac, and use THC/CBD tincture at night. Also, avoiding inflammatory foods makes a difference. ice/heat, epsom salt baths…

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@marye2 I am impressed what all you do to help your pain from scoliosis. I tried a trainer, which hurt my back, then gentle yoga, another epidural. Lastly I tried swimming class, which really make my back hurt. After going to Mayo, I had an ablation, which worked maybe up to 2 weeks. I saw a surgeon, which said I could have a fusion surgery for my degeneration which has caused my scoliosis, plus stenosis, bulging discs, etc. So finally after a year, it took longer because I had to see an endocrinologist and that took months. He put me on Tymlos to increase my bone mass and had to do the injections everyday for six week before the surgery, which the Cobid-19 and the MN government opened up elective surgery. Now finally I'm getting a fusion from T-10 to my pelvis on June 9th. But, I'm so proud of you and I hope to get more exercise once I heal.

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