In May of 2023 I reported i hearing loss of 80% due to Covid

Posted by sweetelon @sweetelon, Jul 27 8:26am

I lost 80% of my hearing about 6 weeks ago after having covid. I can pop my ears and it returns for about 20 minutes. When I wake in the morning it is ok until I get up and move around and the hearing loss comes back. My head feels like it in a fog. This was reported in May 2023
Well, my hearing has returned as of the last 2 weeks.

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@sweetelon What wonderful news. Those who have had unusual complications from Covid will be encouraged to hear that recovery is possible.


Lots of things cause deafness and often enough, it is fixable.
But hearing aid salesmen say NO – once you are deaf that's it.

So please use your own commonsense and look within –
We love life and its people and we WILL Find a way to connect.
I crashed emotionally at first when an accident dented my own hearing, having helped hearing-impaired, though I was perfectly fine myself. I LEARNED from them that hearing loss is FANCY!

If covid hurt things inside your body and made them swell with the infection, then hearing loss is not so strange and the body parts healing WOULD heal your hearing as well ! YES!

Thank you so much for sharing this important insight for all people! NEVER GIVE UP..there is healing.


I am so very happy for you for this news. Thank you for sharing it!

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