Immunotherapy and chemo; Keytruda side effects

Posted by ina3 @ina3, Oct 30, 2018


My name is Ina and i am writing on behalf of my dad who was diagnosed with lung cancer- adenocarcinoma 3 months ago.

I live in Washington DC and my dad lives in country Georgia.

Since I joined this forum, I learnt so many things, reading some of the stories gave me hope and I hope that I will be able share the story about my dad with positive results soon.

Since I cannot bring my dad here in the USA, I am trying to get a second opinion on the treatment that he was given. I would appreciate very much if you give me some information and advice.

After the genetics test we were told that
ROS-1, ALK were negatives but PDL1 expression is positive and MSI-is High. These results means that they can not use targeted therapy but they can use immunotherapy with chemotherapy;
Doctors advised Pembrolizumab(keytruda) 200mg+ karboplatin+ pemetrexet /ever 3 weeeks
And with pemetrexet, we mus take folic acid vitamin and B12

The treatment will be repeated every 3 weeeks and untıl 6 th cycle.

I am interested in side effect too. For how long the side effects last usually? I worry that with both Chemo and Immunotherapy every 3 weeks he wont get a break practically and the side effect being severe.

Thank you again.

I am on Keytruda since January 2019. My last scan showed the cancer on my liver and lymph nodes is gone and the cancer in my lung is shrinking. I pray and pray that I don't have to ever do chemo. It's hard to stay positive but it truly helps.

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