I’m diagnosed with Central Pain Amplification.

Posted by sue15 @sue15, May 21 12:20pm

I’m diagnosed with Central Pain Amplification. First symptom was flare ups in hands/arms. Then a stiff knee joint. Then pain throughout the body and muscle/tissue atrophy. The flare ups are when I am having pain. I get all hot. I believe there is more than a neurological disorder going on? Doctors have been no help. They don’t believe me about wasting away even though I show them and tell them how weak I am. I need more testing. Nerve conduction tests over 2-3 years ago. Anyone else experience flareups?

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Hi @sue15, central pain amplification can also be known as central sensitization, central pain syndrome, or pain amplification syndrome. @darby413 recently stared a discussion on being diagnosed and treated for central sensitization syndrome, https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/central-sensitization-syndrome-and-treatment/.

@sue15, have you discussed getting new nerve tests done or asked for a referral to a second opinion?


Yes, I’m familiar with the different names. I will check out @darby413 and read what she has to say. I have GP appointment coming up in 2 weeks and I want nerve studies re-done for sure. Thank you for reaching out.

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