Central sensitization syndrome and treatment?

Posted by darby413 @darby413, Apr 1 11:46am

I have had ongoing spinal issues and had 2 major surgeries almost a year ago. Since then I have ongoing pain. Last October, I was told that I had other possibilities for my pain. Last week I saw a doctor at the pain clinic who does believe I have central sensitization syndrome. Can anyone shed any light on how they feel, symptoms, and any non-drug treatments?

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Hi there @darby413. Hopefully you are feeling some sort of relief having a diagnosis of CSS which explains your ongoing chronic pain. I am sorry and understand the toll it takes in trying to figure out what's wrong and why.

Please take a look at the following video by Mayo Clinic's Dr. Sletten on central sensitization. The first thing is to truly understand what's happening inside your body and why, then, how to treat it -

Dr. Christopher Sletten - Central Sensitization Syndrome:

I'm impressed that you are open to non-drug treatments. It's wonderful that you are advocating for yourself. My CSS diagnosis meant that I had to learn and focus on lifestyle changes in order to better manage chronic symptoms.

Here are some discussions you may find helpful that share others experiences of living with CSS (*please keep in mind CSS may present differently for each person*).

Central Sensitization Syndrome - Please share your stories:

And, my CSS journey of going through the 3 week Mayo Pain Rehab program -

Mayo Pain Rehab - Signing off and my comeback after:

It can be a lot to take in, but there is hope, and living with CSS can become more manageable with work.

May I ask - how do you feel about your pain clinics' doctor's diagnosis of your pain? Do you feel that all other possibilities have been ruled out and you are agreeing that CSS is the final answer?


Thank you for your response. I will look at the information you mentioned.
I was at the pain clinic at Mayo and yes I did like the doctor. Besides my back issues and central sensitization , I have rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and plain old osteo arthritis to stir in the pain mix.
So to say CSS is the final answer, I will say no. I am waiting to schedule an appointment for a nerve ablation for the painful area of my back. (I've had them before with good results.) The doctor and I have a plan to try one thing at a time and not try to throw a lot of things at the pain at one time.

Until the insurance company approves the procedure, I have been taking classes through our local hospital on Chronic Pain Management since mid-January. This class is 3-8week classes which includes Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Hypnosis, and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy. I was told that this is similar to what Mayo offers. I am half way through and have found the hypnosis classes helpful.
So I am waiting for my procedure with hopes of success. Until then, my saga goes on.

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