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I'm 60 years of age, should I consider hormone replacement therapy?

Posted by @pamt, May 28, 2014

I’m 60 years of age, should I consider hormone replacement therapy….I have been having lots of hot flashes… And insomnia….. And foggy memory…. Is any one going through the same …


Posted by @Margaret_Marie, May 29, 2014

Hi @pamt. Here is some information about hormone therapy that should be helpful for you: Has anyone gone through hormone therapy before?


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Posted by @digitalsandy, Jul 6, 2016

My breast cancer was estrogen hormone therapy related!
For 7 yrs. now, have been on estrogen blockers. Also, consuming
Soy in any form is not in my best interest, as it converts to Estrogen
In the body. Farm raised fish are fed soy pellets. Tofu is soy, etc.
Would rather have hot flashes than Cancer…wouldn’t you?

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Colleen Young, Connect Director

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Posted by @colleenyoung, Jul 7, 2016

Welcome to Connect @digitalsandy.
You raise a very important point that women thinking about HRT have to consider. For anyone interested in reading more about HRT and cancer risk, the American Cancer Society explains the most recent studies plainly and thoroughly here

Sandy, I would welcome your participation in the Breast Cancer group on Connect:
You may also be interested in adding your thoughts to this discussion about Health Diets for Cancer Patients

Glad to have you with us.

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Ann iallonardo

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Posted by @libbysmom, Aug 10, 2014

I am an ovarian cancer survivor. I am experiencing awful hot flashes and my Dr gave me a DepoProvera shot. Does anyone know how long before this may work?

Posted by @Margaret_Marie, Aug 11, 2014

Hi, @libbysmom. Here’s more information on lifestyle and home remedies for hot flashes: Also, you may be able to connect with more people by posting in the Cancer Group on the site:


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Posted by @redhead02865, Jan 28, 2015

I would NOT consider hormone therapy. Try taking Vit. E capsules & you will see results & keep a damp facecloth next to your bed so that during the night when you have hot flashes you can put the facecloth on your face. Also put a small fan on your night table. All these thinks help.

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Posted by @maisie2, Thu, Jan 5 8:21pm

Why, please explain the NOT


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Posted by @wicher, Jul 31, 2016

I too would strongly recommend not taking the hrt (hormone replacement therapy ). I was on it for far too long and was diagnosed with hormone receptor positive breast cancer two years ago. Myself and others believe the breast cancer is likely because of long time use of ERT. Unfortunately, my GP never mentioned the risk. Now that I’m taking anastrozole, I’m dealing with other “unpleasant side effects” one being awful hot flashes every two hours.

Colleen Young, Connect Director

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Posted by @colleenyoung, Jul 31, 2016

Welcome @wicher.
Like @digitalsandy, you raise a very important point for women considering HRT. Here’s more info about HRT and cancer risk from the American Cancer Society. They help guide people through recent research on the subject.

Wicher, you may wish to join the discussion in the Breast Cancer group on Connect: in particular this conversation about the side effects of anastrozole Come introduce yourself there and tell us a bit more about yourself.

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