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Advice on using HRT please

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Are you having symptoms of menopause? Having hot flashes? One OTC that can help somewhat is Vitamin E d-alpha tocopherol NOT the dl-alpha tocopherol. The latter is synthetic. I had a surgical menopause, was in my earliest 40's, was put on a tablet daily of Premarin .625, it was controlling the hot flashes to a point. Eventually I was on 2 a day, one AM other PM, gradually have cut down considerably. I am 76 and yes I still have hot flashes. We all differ, I feel you would know if you are experiencing symptoms that would need estrogen. Bear in mind how many years ago treatment was different. A GYN is a must IMHO, maybe see another until you feel at ease.
For now, I don't take the tablets ,only use the Premarin Vaginal Cream, the cream will bypass the liver.
Best wishes for good decisions.

(how i wish there was a thread for FOSAMAX and other meds similar. I am to start it and am not overly comfortable with 2 doctor's views, some of the side effects concern me, For the past few years
my bone scans had been good., not now! For bone health, I have been on Calcium and Vitamin D and magnesium for years)

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Hi, @pattitoo, just wanted to mention you might check out this discussion in which alendronic acid (fosamax) is discussed, in addition to denosumab (Prolia) https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/prolix-treatment-for-osteoporosis. You could also start a new discussion about alendronic acid (fosamax) in particular in the Bones, Joints & Muscles group https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/arthritis-and-joint-conditions-268850/.

I don't use any of the bone sparing medications because of the side effects. My chiropractor recommended Bone Restore with Vitamin K2. These are sold thru Life Extension. They contain 3 types of calcium, Vit D, magnesium, K2, etc. The K2 is important because it keeps the calcium in your bones and directs it away from your arteries. I read several scholarly articles from the National Institute of Health and they all recommended the K2 along with the calcium. Hope this helps.

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