Just diagnosed with IgA nephropathy: What do I need to know?

Posted by junetooth @junetooth, Sep 14 7:09am

Need quick education on IGA Nethropothy. Treatment options, what to watch for, who to add to care team.

IGA Vasculitis (diagnosed Sept. 2021) has advanced to diagnosis of IGA Nethropothy as of 9/6/22.

Nephrologist is monitoring proteinuria, microscopic blood in urine, high leukocytes, high immature platelets being released into blood. Creatinine is low, but okay, but shows kidneys are not working as they should.

Building care team: Have Nephrologist (kidney monitoring, prednisone dosing, antibiotic to prevent prednisone pneumonia); dermatologist (lesions, dapson); PCP (omaprazal, high dose calcium, B3).

Adding Rheunatologist to care team on Friday.

All outpatient.

Sick and bed bound. Have struggled with extreme malaise, feel unwell, loss of appetite, lower back pain. Please share tips, suggestions, resources on IGA Nethropothy.

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What nephrologists wish PCPs knew about Kidney Disease
Reference material:


@junetooth, I always to Mayo Clinic's website for quick education on any condition. See symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment options here:
– IgA nephropathy (Berger's disease)
Here are some related discussions in Connect that you may also find helpful:
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And connecting you with fellow members @AlwaysHopeful @eileen14 @katimacaz @joejokief73

You've done a great job in building a medical team, June, and also your circle of support and fellow patients here. Has treatment been recommended or active monitoring for the moment?

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