Can basal cell carcinoma return after removal from ear cartilage?

Posted by oldkarl @oldkarl, Apr 28, 2022

If Basal Cell (Top of Ear cartilage ossified) area is cut off, does it continue to return in a few weeks? How many times? So far, just 2 times. Very painful. Is it related to my Charcot-Marie-Tooth and/or my CFEOM1? How deep into the ear cartilage will it go? oldkarl

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@oldkarl, these are very specific questions that I believe only your physician can answer for you. It is poosible that cancer cells removed after the visibly affected area was removed. Did they do further testing to check the surgical margins or for spread?


Hi, @Colleen . In answer to your questions about testing after the first surgery for cancer cells, the only testing done was to ascertain that these were cancer, basal cells. "Yes, they were basal cells" , according to the surgeon. There was no other testing done, according to the surgeon and the records.. Remember, this was at Willamette Samaritan, where testing is very basic and old-style. oldkarl

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