ICD Rib pain

Posted by tmenfenh4 @tmenfenh4, Mar 13 4:20am

My daughter is 24. Had her first ICD at 15. She just had a new one implanted. It's only been 2 weeks, but is in so much pain. She didn't have this before. She says it's hurting her ribs. I'm calling her Dr today, but is there hope. Is it normal. She didn't want it in her chest at 25, so chose her side, but is miserable and wants it removed. Any help would be appreciated. Concerned mom

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I am on my 3rd ICD/Pacemaker. I have never heard of them being put in the side. Mine was put under my chest muscle because I am so active and the skin thickness of chest was minimal

When got my first one was sore and got pains off and on until healed. I was told the by EP when I got my first one it would take about a year to heal and body to get used to it. How long has she had it.?

If you daughter had gotten it put under chest muscle, and just under skin, it does NOT show as much as just under skin. I would think, but not a medical person, that the ribs on sides of body would be more of an aggravating site to place a ICD.

Do you have a EP? I would discuss the placement of the ICD with your doctor or an EP. Like mine now I have no sensation of it being there unless I raise my left arm above my head and it causes my AICD/Pacemaker to move and then I notice it. I can have some discomfort if I am using my left arm above my head for too long.


She had her first one at 15 and was very self conscious of it showing. There are only a few like hers. This one I think is bigger and causing rib pain. I have contacted her Dr. Not sure what's next, but it's a problem now. Wasn't for 9 years

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