IBS during Holidays

Posted by WBG @zander44, Dec 28, 2021

During holidays, fell off the wagon with foods of high sugar etc. Have had 2 bouts of severe diarrhea the past 2 days. Any feedback on how to get back to normal for eating pattern. What to avoid, what to eat. Before these episodes, IBS was doable. Thanks.

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Hello @zander44

Your statement of falling off the wagon with foods high insugar is one that most of us can relate to. The holidays are just filled with sugary, fat-laden temptations, and falling off the wagon tends to be a common problem.

Following a Fodmap diet for a month might be helpful. The Fodmap eating plan is specifically aimed at those of us with IBS. Are you familiar, with this eating plan? If not, take a look at this conversation, https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/fodmap-eating-plan/.

Connect also has some other conversations regarding IBS that you might find helpful. Here is a link to one of those discussions, https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/pernicious-anemia-digestive-issues/

Have you taken anything for the bouts of diarrhea? Do any OTC products help you?

Finally, if you can't get the symptoms under control, contacting your doctor might be helpful.


i have done the same but I have u.c. Does anyone have a simple food plan for uc.


I had it last year. No fiber foods. Eat small meals. i had a meal plan. I can send if you want me to


Holidays are difficult- so much food we don’t usually eat. The combination of more fat, more sugar, fiber and larger amount sets me up for severe bloating for days.
To get back to normal I have smaller meals, Greek youghurt, clear soups, fish and little fiber. Pepto Bismol helps too. Eggs always digest well.


Thanks everyone. I did take Imodium and it helped. I have followed the FODMAP food plan in the past. I will go into the sites that were mentioned. Always looking for info and ways to control IBS.

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