Posted by nancykeenan @nancykeenan, Jan 22, 2021

I was diagnosed with mesentric panniculitis from a CAT scan. My doctor and my gastro guy do not think it is. They think it is IBS. The only symptom I have is I wake up every morning anytime between 1:00 am and 5:00 am with a mild pain or cramp in the very bottom, right side of my pelvis. I get up and walk around as it feels better. If I have even a little bit of gas pain goes away… within a short time I have a bowel movement and the pain is gone and does not come back until the next morning. Doesn’t appear that anything I eat irritates this. I have had this for over a year and before that something similar but it was sporadic before that. Does anybody else have this! Need some feedback please….

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Hello @nancykeenan

I appreciate your post. When doctors don't agree on a diagnosis it certainly is frustrating for the patient. As you probably know, mesenteric panniculitis is very difficult to diagnose. Here is some information from Mayo Clinic's website about this disorder, I would recommend that you read it, especially the sections about the symptoms and how it is diagnosed. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/sclerosing-mesenteritis/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20450343

One of the diagnostic tests mentioned is a biopsy of the tissue. Do you know if this has been done?

As you know, on Mayo Connect, we are not medical professionals, just patients like yourself who give and receive support and encouragement. Have you considered getting another opinion at a multidisciplinary health system like Mayo Clinic or a university medical school? These types of medical centers tend to be strong in the area of research and in diagnosing and treating rare disorders. As MP is a rare disorder you might consider making the trip to one of these health centers in order to get state-of-art treatment.

With regard to the possible diagnosis of IBS, many of us with this disorder have followed a Fodmap diet for a month in order to determine if there is gluten/dairy or other food sensitivities that might be causing the symptoms, We have a discussion that topic on Connect. Here is the link https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/fodmap-eating-plan/

If you would like to try this eating plan, I would encourage you to ask your GI doctor to refer you to a registered dietician who can explain this eating plan and help you with the specifics.

I hope you are able to visit a medical center that can help you treat this problem. Will you post again with an update as to how you are doing?

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