I woke up with dents in my arm, 6 hrs later still there what is this?

Posted by eadaein @eadaein, Apr 5 2:32pm

So I woke up and have dents, kind of ripples, on my arm. Hours later they are still there.
Possible helpful info?
I have pancreatitis, I have a chest port because my veins are super bad from nurses pushing Phenergan too quickly thru my veins when I had extended hospital stays.
I went to have a blood draw this week at a place that can't access ports. They had to try 9 times to get a vein. A couple of veins blew during this. Not sure this has anything to do with my arm being funky, just sharing some about me stuff.
Happy to answer any questions to help figure this out. I'm a veteran and my doc can't see me until Friday (scored a spot due to someone canceling). My concern is this could relate to something else and maybe my body is like "hey, something is wonky " and putting it off is bad, so I'm here looking for help.
Thank you!

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