I think it might be MS ?

Posted by pohsibbw @pohsibbw, Jan 12 8:01pm

Lost and don’t know where to go. This started in Aug of 2018. I think I may have ms. The doctor had the old heart checked out in 2018, it was all good. I’m 42 YOM. I’ve had every blood test you can think of more than once, all came back great. I feel like I’m going crazy. The doctor did order an MRI, I’m waiting on insurance approval. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!

Every so often I’ll get a very sharp stabbing pain left eye, for a second or two.

Like a 12 pound hammer hitting me center of my shoulder blades. Very intense pain, profusely sweating for an hour at the 1hr mark to 1.15 hr mark pain started to affect my jaw and right arm all pain stoped shorty after.

All at different times and dates sharp shooting electrical shock pain of my arms and legs approximately 8 to 12 times.

(Left leg) electrical shock pain travel through my body to my left caff locked up causing a large knot in my caff lasting eight hours.

A electric shock from left to right pulsating chest area, it was about the size of a brick.

Sharp pain like an “ice pick” stabbing me in back upper left side 4 different times within 3 to 4 hours mid lung area fell to ground and collapsed.

Feeling heart flutter multiple times.

Could feel heart beating, Very light headed, almost passed out, squeezing chest almost call for ambulance with difficulty breathing.

Light headed, uncontrolled shaking dizziness, it happened multiple times.

Bathroom more than 3 times a night during sleep hours.
I had bowle movement 5-7 times a day.

On going lightheadedness and extreme fatigue no matter how much sleep I got.

leg shooting pain like muscle spasms and heart flutters.

Stabbing left ear sharp pain happen four times with ringing in the ear all within 1 hour.

middle to lower back pain an electrical shock wave

All in the pm left arm pain, less intense same direction of travel happened a few times, heart flutter happen twice
9.29.18 nothing to report.

Fast forward in time:
December 10, 2022
Felt like I’ve been hit by a train. Could not stay warm.
For about two 1/2weeks, I felt exhausted and extreme pain in my hips. Like I had a large vice crushing my hips from all sides. The following week or so difficulty walking with severe pain in legs, joints and hip pain. Almost unbearable to walk down a flight of stairs. Painful just to walk. Right shoulder pain, for 2 weeks. With right elbow pain.

Feels like there’s rocks between my toes, left foot. But there’s nothing.

every so often, upper torso: extremely painful, I feel like I’m being crushed on the inside 10-15seconds.

Over the last few years that I remember :

Sweating profusely no reason
Leg and joint pain.
Left Eye pain like a needle stabbing
Ringing in the left ear.
bowel movements 4-7 a day
With frequent urination
Minor blurred vision
Numbness right arm
Back popping when I bend over, ankle popping.

I noticed during the last “attack “ I had difficulty speaking and spelling some words that I always use on daily reports that I generate for work.

Just looking for input, advice, guidance.

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@pohsibbw, it looks like your doctor is taking steps to help find a diagnosis. I hope you will learn more from the MRI that has been ordered. Does you doctor suspect multiple sclerosis?

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