I think I'm going to have to divorce wife.

Posted by emanresu @emanresu, May 11 10:29pm

I'm sure my story is nothing interesting or attention-getting.

My first question is, the worst part of divorcing may be the huge
bill you have to pay your attorney. So, I need to be prepared for the potential worst parts of getting divorced and NOT using an attorney.

My mental health would be better if I were to move as far away as possible from my spouse, for her sake and mine. But that means leaving Mayo behind and trusting my health to an inferior hospital! 😀

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@emanresu divorce. Not something to be taken lightly. I know that from experience. I have been married and divorced 3 times.
Of course, no one outside of the marriage can truly understand what goes on in any relationship. I had my reasons, but mostly kept them to myself.

Can you afford an attorney? If not, hire a paralegal. Mayo isn’t the only “game” in town. If you really want a divorce, these things are easily fixable.

Good luck.


If you both agree that you'd be better apart, might you be able to agree to separate without going through a legal divorce?
Have the two of you talked about this?


If you want to discuss probabilities with me I have no problem with it. I spent hours researching my choices before I left an emotionally and physically bad marriage. He tried to take charge but I had left him very little leeway. I have been legally separated for four years so far. I had protected my pension and we had split the proceeds from the house sale. If you haven't already discussed your problems and can't come to terms you are each free to research your options. I can help you locate information. This was my third attempt. The first two were with children involved. Legal complications will arise unless you thoroughly inform yourself. I spent several years putting a plan together. Contact me if you want. You can always try therapy.

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