I just received a diagnosis of Eagle Syndrome

Posted by karencecilia @karencecilia, May 24 2:41pm

I have had facial pain for a long time. I have been wearing a hard plastic splint for "TMJ" for 30 years. With excessive stress I felt like I needed to have a new split. I found my face was hurting, my ear ringing loud (right sided) . I had a tooth injury from biting wrong. I went to my dentist to ask to have a new splint made, he was really concerned with the degree of pain in my jaw and ended up referring my pano x-ray to an Oral Surgeon who identified Eagle Syndrome, my dentist then forwarded them without suggestion to another Oral Surgeon who also immediately identified Eagle Syndrome. My PCP has never heard of Eagle Syndrome. The diagnosis is helpful, it answer a lot of the oddities that I attributed to stress. I have dizziness, ear pain, often feel like something is sticking in my throat. I have a tendency to get hiccoughs when I have the sensation of something in my throat (which is embarrassing). I feel like there is a scary road ahead. The images and stories…. As a mother of 5, I am a bit scared, a bit of anxiety about the unknown. I am hopeful that my care will fall into capable hands.

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I have just found out today I have eagle syndrome as well. TMJ dr, dentists, and finally after 5 years have my answers for all the pain and discomfort. I am a bit scared and worried that I would have to live with this till I can afford surgery without insurance.


Welcome @karencecilia and @chefcole. Being newly diagnosed with Eagle syndrome can be scary. But you're not alone. Here you'll meet many members, like @hoping @hdeshazer @rondam @bitoberry @mindyf @vbammer @pam71 @brooklyngirl @meliss @de9g @elimpert96 @jchristophersen @alcorreia0123 @empy @abby4paige @theeaglehasland @keetee @jenlink @fayzaibrahim @rosie68 @christina61 @stacybf @ladylove1962 @kariheppner @marjana @rosie68 and more who have shared their experiences in this related discussion:
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What, if any, treatment or management approaches have been suggested for you?


Hello Colleen,

I found a doctor that would do surgery but, he explained it is painful or could potentially be dangerous. So I opted out of surgery. I live in Henderson, Nevada and he is a specialist. Either, I do surgery or live with this dreaded problem everyday. I think TMJ is also involved with this. I went to an allergist thinking it was my sinuses and he said I had an infection in my teeth. I am a dental assistant so, I knew it wasn’t that. Ibuprofen does help but, cant rely on that everyday. Take care Colleen!! Keep me in the loop!! Cindy

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