I inherited MTHFR Mutation from both my parents resulting in ADHD

Posted by doriejean @doriejean, Apr 3 12:22pm

MY MTHFR has caused mental illnesses ADHD, OCD and anxiety as well as B-12 and Iron deficiency. At 83, I know when my B-12 and iron levels have dipped and increase amounts taken until they have leveled out.
Do others have to do as I do?

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I did a search to learn more about this. Here is what I found from the National Library of Medicine since I didn't know anything about this. This article shows that a test for this could be done for estimating the risks of developing blood clots that lead to early blood vessel disease or heart disease.

MTHFR Mutation Test:

-- https://medlineplus.gov/lab-tests/mthfr-mutation-test/

Why did you have have this genetic test?


I had been having anemia, sensations of floating out my body, constant obsessions that I couldn't control, unrelenting diarrhea, sensitivity to sun light. Earlier in my life during my childbearing years I had trouble conceiving, chronic Anemia and fatigue. In my childhood I had migraine headaches that sent me to bed for three days. I didn't have a good childhood, my parents fought all the time.
I looked back at me relatives and my aunt had pernicious anemia.
My daughter who is a registered nurse studied my symptoms and told me to get a B-12 test. The conclusion was I had B-12 deficiency. I researched everything about the deficiency and had a genetic test done in Utah. That is when I found out I had MTHFR Mutation from both my parents.

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