I hope this is the right place for a blood pressure question.

Posted by RCRH @RCRH, Jan 1, 2016

I hope this is the right place for a blood pressure question.
Recently I had BP of 220/110 with a pulse of 60. No one at the ER or in the hospital could figure out a cause -- everyone said the high BP had to be accompanied by a fast pulse. Only problem is, it wasn't. All test results (MRI, MRA, EKG, ECHO, etc. etc.) were normal except slight out of range blood sugar (63 after having eaten normally all day) and creatinin (1.1). I was on no medications, but taking vitamin D supplement of 14,000-15,000iu per week (either spread out over 7 days or 3 days). Diagnosed with MS almost 20 years ago; discontinued all disease modifying drugs over a year ago. Had had heart palpitations two days prior -- skipped beats, probably PVCs, heart racing. Considered ER then, but decided it was too cold and too late to go outside. 🙂 My high BP caused me to go to the ER b/c of dizziness, vertigo (room spinning), weakness, loss of balance -- and then I used home cuff to check BP. (Not to mention -- my husband insisted.)
Any ideas?

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Sounds like you need to find a good detective to give you a thorough once over. Do you have a GP that you can start with? Otherwise, a visit to a good teaching hospital like Mayo Clinic might be a place for you to go to get to the bottom of it. It could be so many things. Hope you find some answers. It can be so frustrating when we know something is wrong with us, but we don't know what it is.

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