I have stage 3 kd now I get many urinary track infections

Posted by longlegs @longlegs, Oct 13, 2018

Stage 3 kidney disease. Now I get many uti infections. Anyone else.

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Hi @longlegs, welcome to Connect. You ask about stage 3 kidney disease and getting frequent urinary tract infections (UTIs). I noticed in another message you mentioned that you also have an ileostomy. I'd like to introduce you to fellow members @shoregal45 @jolinda @rosemarya and @cehunt57 who have experience with kidney disease and may have some insight about managing UTIs.

Longlegs, have you only recently started getting more infections? Do you remember any changes that coincide with the increased frequency of infection?


@longlegs, I experienced a spell of repeated uti's several years after my kidney transplant. From my understanding, a kidney stone was spotted on a scan, but we don't know if that was the culprit involved. Tests were run to discover the composition of the stone, and if treatment was needed. The decision was to wait and watch along with a recommendation to drink lots of water daily. As of my most recent scan, the kidney stone is gone and I don't know any details , except that I have been uti free for almost a whole year:-) I still don't know any more than that.
With you being stage 3 CKD, I don't know if you have any restrictions on the daily amount of water to consume.

Here is a discussion named "Recurrent uti" where other members have talked about their uti's. I invite you to join in with your questions as you read about the experiences of others.
Longlegs, have the uti's started since you had the ileostomy?

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