I have c diff

Posted by rrf67 @rrf67, Jul 24, 2022

I have recently been diagnosed with c diff. I am currently on vancomycin 125mg four times a day. I have been bleeding for over 2 months now regularly with no solid movements whatsoever. I have urgency in the mornings and have to run to the bathroom only to be issues of blood and coffee ground feces, nothing ever solid. I just had a colonoscopy last Monday if showed diverticulum in the transverse colon and inflammation in the sigmoid colon in four different places. my question is when will I get better?? I have been dealing with this for a long time and it is debilitating. Will the vancomycin give me solid movements and will it stop the blood issues?? I just need to talk to someone who can identify with what I have. I have to call my gastro at the end of the week to let her know how I am doing. if I still have this what will be the next step?? Also, has anyone else with c diff smell an odor on themselves and when they go?? does c diff have a distinctive odor?

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Hi. In 2011 I also was diagnosed with C-diff . It came on suddenly – on the 10th day of taking antibiotic amoxicillin given me by my dentist. I was in the hospital for a week (I tend towards low potassium so having diarrhea really lowers it). When I got out of hospital my Specialist continued my vancomycin for ten days (I took it as a compound medication – cheaper). I took probiotics as added protection which they also had started in the hospital. Fortunately, the c-diff never returned. I was very careful to disinfect everything to not reinfect myself. I hope you find relief soon.

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