I have a benign cavernous sinus meningioma and have a ? about tinnitus

Posted by denwig @denwig, Mar 2 12:10am

In 2022 I started getting severe headaches right after recovering from COVID. After testing a 3 cm tumor was found on my right side. At that point headaches were the only symptoms and chronic sinusitis acerbated them, but I now have that under control. Since the tumor is pressing on my optic nerve I see a neuro opthalmologist every six months to check my eyesight and am MRI once a year. I haven't had any really severe symptoms until 2 weeks ago when agonizing tinnitus hit. I've had mild tinnitus in my right ear for years that never bothered me. But this is driving me crazy. I've been holding off on surgery because my symptoms to date have been manageable. Has anyone out there been able to deal with the tinnitus? I am dreading the thought of having the surgery until it's absolutely necessary. Thanks

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I just had surgery for a meningioma. It was near my left optic nerve and main artery.
The surgeon got the entire meningioma out. He said if I waited five years that I would have gone blind and would have had had a stroke. You may have considered surgery. I was told once I started having symptoms that they could not reverse them. Good luck.

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Jimmy’s, if you are near LA, the world’s top neurosurgeon is there. I can’t think of his name right now, but he is the best. I moved to LA shortly after my tumor was irradiated, and I saw him to follow up. He is really gentle and caring. He is African American and a really great doctor. That’s who I would consult with if you are near there.

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