I had a TIA with loss of power in Right Hard for 5 minutes.

Posted by trevor290144 @trevor290144, May 24, 2023

What is the prognosis over the the next 12 months . On Aspirin and Plavix . Trevor

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I don’t want to freak you out but take all the medicines and also follow all of your doctors advice. But also, I would strongly suggest you look up lifestyle changes to avoid a secondary stroke and follow them. Super diligently. It’s not overkill because often a TIA precedes a real stroke and you want to make these changes for the rest of your life to avoid an actual stroke or secondary stroke later. Also make sure your BP is well managed. I would also recommend you research WFPB and stroke prevention and again follow all your doctors advice. Take it as a warning because if you have an actual one the Tia symptoms may become permanent or prolonged but could be different. Good luck but be careful. Also look up Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn for heart disease and Dr. Dean Ornish for similar for lifestyle ideas and search WFPB no oil is a suggestion. Good luck.


I would like to add: use this as a warning! Do everything you can to prevent another incident…find the cause of the TIA: get yourself in peak shape, check for any issues: arrthymia, stress, sleep, overweight, urinary tract infection, blood pressure, blood clotting, exercise. Your care supervised by an excellent doc in neurology, cardiology and internal medicine. Follow doc orders about everything, be aware of any meds which need to have a medicinal level maintained and be absolutely anal about that! ! if it’s every 12 hours, then it’s within 10 minutes every 12 hours, no ‘’forgetting’’, no opps !

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