TMJ questions

Posted by Pammy @pammyl66, Jun 7, 2015

I clench my teeth at night which has resulted in severe TMJ. I have seen dentist, ortho and medical doctors. I am on Zoloft to help reduce stress and I have a custom mouth guard. My problem is none of this is working. I find if I wear my guard I seem to clench harder, if I don't my tongue has teeth imprints on the end from pressing against my bottom teeth. I don't know what to do. This is miserable pain in jaws, neck and ear pain and headaches. My jaw locks up from time to time and my throat even gets sore. Muscles and probably gets scratched because I can't chew my food properly. Please Help! This has been going on well over 2 years....

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Wow. I too was diagnosed with TMJ in my 20s because my jaw locked up a few times while just talking and eating. I did go to the dentist but nothing in particular worked except learning biofeedback and rubbing the jaw. I’m now 67 and my dentist fitted me with a mouth guard on my lower teeth I was told I should contemplate wearing it throughout the day. I haven’t tried this yet but after my last visit he informed me that my jaw has now become arthritic thus the nagging ear and neck pain. I was on all types of meds in my 30 and 40s but including gabapentin and 200 mg of celebrex which gave me GERD. So Tylenol is the one of the only meds I take now along with 100 mg of celebrex and intermittent flexaril to relieve the muscle spasms in my shoulders and ultimately jaw. I don’t know if any other methods to alleviate the pain so hope it doesn’t get any worse. I know I’m kidding myself. God bless and I pray we find something that will help the pain and osteo degenerative process.

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I was just diagnosed too with OA TMA in my right jaw! I am a 72 female. It does not hurt so much until I eat! Was told to chew on both sides, but how can you when it hurts? I was blown off by doctors and my dentist but found a "head, neck & TMJ" clinic near me. A CT scan showed it was OA. They also fitted me with a lower "splint". I hate it but am able fall asleep with it. I don't see how stretches will help since it is OA. Hurts to even open my mouth wide. Also hard to eat unless cut up very small.
I do ice it after meals and take 400mg of Advil at the end of the day. I also take 1500 mg of Glucosamine with 1200 mg of Chondroitin once a day. Not sure it does anything. Unhappy!

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