Plan and prognosis regarding my case of neuropathy

Posted by saqib @saqib, Apr 19, 2016

I am 30 years old male, a doctor by profession. I had a road traffic accident about 6 months back causing traumatic neuropathy resulting in axonal damage of left sciatic nerve and foot drop. I was rushed to a tertiary care hospital at time of my accident but unfortunately I had neglected acetabulum fractures of left side, although pseudo joint is formed and I can bear weight on lower limbs with slight pain. MRI study conducted at tertiary care hospital shows altered signal intensity within the left sided sciatic nerve along its path at level of posterior aspect of left sided acetabulum beneath the left sided Gluetus Maximus Muscle and posterior to Obturator internus muscle suggestive of its injury. The proximal portion of nerve is appearing unremarkable. The portion of sciatic nerve in the upper thigh is sallowen and showing T2w and fat suppersion hyper intense signals just proximal to its bifurcation. My fresh NCS is suggestive of severe axonal injury of left sciatic nerve at the site of posterior thigh. Both divisions of left sciatic nerve affected severely. The current study shows mild electrophysiological evidence of reinnervation in left tibial part of sciatic nerve. Kindly let me know about further plan and prognosis regarding my case especially about my neuropathy.
Dr Saqib Munir

Hi @saqib, welcome to Connect, an online community where people and family members can talk with other patients and family members, ask questions and share experiences.

Given the specificity of your questions about treatment plan and prognosis, I recommend contacting Mayo Clinic here and requesting a consult with a specialist.

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