Lowered Sex Drive after Hysterectomy

Posted by daystar166 @daystar166, Jun 23 4:51pm

I just had a hysterectomy like three weeks ago, im no longer in pain just tired alot is that normal and my sex drive have come all the way down is that normal

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Hello @daystar166 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. It is wonderful to read of your success following your hysterectomy in terms of there being no more pain! The procedure is significant so I would think it would be very reasonable to hear you say you're experiencing a bit of fatigue, which can certainly also play into your sex drive.

Mayo Clinic information points to 6 weeks as the typical amount of time it takes to recover and also suggests waiting that long to resume sexual activity regardless if you've had an abdominal or vaginal hysterectomy.

– Abdominal Hysterectomy:
– Vaginal Hysterectomy:
Since you are just half way through the typical recovery window, it seems reasonable to focus on getting plenty of rest and letting your body prepare for a full recovery.

Do you feel you can give your body another three weeks?


yes i can, i have been healing very well and i stop bleeding last week but im still discharging a little is that normal


It is my understanding that regardless of age after a hysterectomy women’s bodies immediately go into menopause.


Mine definitely did I was 26yrs old when I had my total hysterectomy its def a struggle but it gets better with patience!



Yes, very normal. You are still healing. I had a hysterectomy way back in 1997. Take your time and do not be rushed. Are you taking estrogen?

Back then my doctor put me on high dose estrogen pill. I had to beg my doctor to lower it .. my breast were hurting all the time. Now I am on a low dose estrogen patch. .. I have esophageal issues and the patches work better for me.

Hang in there .. you should feel much better in a few weeks. Get plenty of rest.


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