Hysterectomy for precancerous cervix leson?

Posted by jushiwo @jushiwo, Nov 11 1:04pm

I have 19 years of history of HPV positive, and on and off precancerous cervix low grade lesion. I did LEEP once, but it didn’t help. Now, my doctor said I should do the hysterectomy, since my cervix is too thin and close up so it is so hard to monitoring any more. It tools me while to accepted this. But then they said I should also remove ovaries and tubes, since I’m 65+, I don’t need them any more and it prevents the ovarian cancer. I’m not feel comfortable to remove extra organs unless having issues. And to remove uterus for cervix is already a preventive surgery, now even more. Im debating if I should only do the hysterectomy, for the purpose of not extra damages to health organs and, possible unintentional damage. Like I’m already in osteoporosis and some heart issue like STV . So scared for unpredict the post surgery result. Can anyone help?

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