Hypertonic saline

Posted by sori @sori, Feb 18 9:00pm

As I keep reading and learning more about bronchiectasis and MAC, I have a question about using hypertonic saline. Since my bronchiectasis is non- productive, will I benefit from inhaling HS daily or should I only do it during exacerbations?

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From my understanding, inhaling 7% saline discourages the growth of NTM, so yes it is beneficial.


Hi @sori, Hypertonic saline pretended by albuterol or levalbuterol helps to get mucus/phlegm out of lungs. My laymen's understanding is that the MAC makes its home in the excess mucus that your lungs cannot clear due to your bronchiectasis. NTM/MAC does not like a salty environment, which is another reason to use hypertonic saline.

My routine is 2x day levalbuterol followed immediately by 7% saline via nebulizer. Then I use autogenic drainage breathing exercises to clear my lungs. I too have bronchiectasis and am working hard to avoid getting NTM/MAC.


I have mac and on meds. I don't normally cough anymore. I do use 7% hypertonic saline in my nebulizer daily and regularly cough out mucus plugs. Seems to be the only way I can clear my lungs out.


Thanks for your answer and support! I will continue my HS twice a day.

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