Hyperthyroidism & constipation

Posted by hellokitty5 @hellokitty5, Oct 15, 2020

hi everyone i got diagnosed with hyperthyrodism in June. does anyone have constipation issues?

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I am pretty experienced with constipation in my long life and have never related it to my thyroid. My experience says constipation is associated with low fiber diet, and since I love raw veggies and fruit, it is easy to fix and regulate by time of day, if necessary. Also, when I drank coffee years ago, one cup in the morning would make everything fine for me. I also had headaches from constipation, and fixed it with a cup of coffee. I love pears, dates, prunes, and mission figs, so it is easy to get fiber in the diet and to overdo, for that matter. People who feel every little rumble in their tummy need to add fiber gradually so the bowel becomes accustomed and doesn't give tummy pain from too much at one time. Years ago people thought they needed to eat a soft diet but my doctors have always encouraged high fiber to prevent colon cancer. Also, most all of us need to remember to drink more water. Dorisena


Hi "hellokitty5",

I too had, and still even a bit of constipation. I started to have constipation before I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid. (I still have a bit of constipation sometimes). I only recently have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I wondered if constipation a symptom of hyperthyroidism. I went to Mayo Clinic's website on hyperthyroid. I saw on their website, that "bowel changes'' can be a symptom of hyperthyroidism. Well is not constipation a change in bowels? I tend to believe so.

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