Hypersensitivity In Adults With ADHD

Posted by CloudedEpiphany @cloudedepiphany, May 22, 2022

This latest diagnosis (Adult ADHD) has taken me don a rabbit hole of research & discovery. For years I knew something wasn't as it should be. Years would go by before I would seek help & get my 1st diagnosis of Generalized Anxiety Disorder. A few more years later the diagnosis was coupled with Major Depressive Disorder. Now recently, this month actually…I was diagnosed with Adult ADHD.
Prior to this diagnosis I was in the process of taking a leave from work to do the suggested IOP(Intensive Outpatient Therapy) my Dr insisted on. I resisted doing this prevously due to the need to make a living. However after the inability to complete a work shift without feeling completely overwhelmed & frazzled, I gave in. I owned the fact that I needed help.

Once diagnosed, you don't get a roadmap. Its just kinda dumped on you with a new addition to the meds that you already take(if you were already on meds). So I had to google it, read, go through the denial process then finally come to terms that this thing was indeed my reality.
It fit however not in totality. I continued to research and learn more about the different things that can come with ADHD. I stumbled on to ADHA & Hypersensitivity. After reading it, things began to make sense.

The sensitivity to light, lound sounds, crowds, touch……I had a moment of "Wow". It helped put all the pieces together….it fit. Although it doen't change the fact that you are going through what you are going through when you find the thing that makes it all make sense…it does give you a bit of hope. Hope that understanding exactly who you are and that you aren't alone, makes you exhale some.

The IOP I attend is not designed to individually address one persons issues…its more so a general group therapy set of sessions. Although I knowthat the IOP will benefit me, I also know that I may need to continue therapy one on one with someone once its done.
Someone that will be tuned into me & my needs. One day at a time though. For now the focus is getting through this IOP withought crying every session lol. Its tough.

I welcome all input on this. As I stated, its all new to me, so any & all support is welcomed and appreciated.

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"Driven to Distraction" is a book that was recommended to me for similar issues you mentioned and it was definitely eye opening. It connected the dots and made sense out of things that I never really understood or was even aware of before. It helped me and was an easy read that I ordered on Amazon.


Some of the symptoms you describe are also part of the Autism diagnosis. This runs in our family as does ADHD. You might want to read about this, too.

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