Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Hepatitis w/Autoimmune Disease

Posted by rafaelquinones @rafaelquinones, Aug 13, 2018

Is Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment a reasonable approach to therapy for patients with Hepatitis w/ Autoimmune Disease, or can HBOT stimulate the Immune System…which can then lead to a stronger immune defense against the Liver? Thoughts?

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@rafaelquinones Im not sure of your question but do know its used to heal leg ulcers ,a friend had this and she praised it


@rafaelquinones Im not sure of your question but do know its used to heal leg ulcers ,a friend had this and she praised it

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If HBOT stimulates the Immune System, can using it accelerate an autoimmune response, inadvertently?


Hello Rafael @rafaelquinones — Welcome to Connect. I wasn't familiar with HBOT and did a search and found out some of the approved uses for it here:

MedicalNewsToday.com — What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy good for?



Hello @rafaelquinones,

I'd like to add my welcome, and introduce you to a few members who've discussed hyperbaric oxygen therapy for various conditions. Please meet @artscaping @squaredancer @kobeelya @mikween and @lynnieb1.

May I ask if you would share a few more details, @rafaelquinones? Are you or a loved one considering this form of therapy?


Hello @rafaelquinones

Welcome to Mayo Connect.
Are you wanting to know if HBOT is a good treatment for Hepatitis, but what type of hepatitis?
Has a Doctor or someone recommended this therapy to you?
or is it something that you just happened to hear about?
I would suggest to go to library and get some books to read up on it.
One book I recommend is "The Oxygen Cure" by William Maxfield, MD.

HBOT is used for many many problems, it is usually going to be found in the "Wound Care" sections in the hospitals.
You may also want to make an appointment to see a doctor in the Wound Care Office.
Te doctors there will be able to give you the answers you are looking for.
There are so many uses for this therapy today. Hepatitis A,B or C is not listed the book I suggested, but that doesn't mean that it isn't being used.
Most medical doctors today are not familiar with the benefits of HBOT for the patient.
My opinion is that they are afraid to recommend it patients because of the costs as well as no experience or knowledge of the benefits of HBOT.
But they don't realize the benefits from having the pure oxygen pumped into your system.

I have been through HBOT twice in my life time. I am on my 3rd journey with cancer since 1973.
My first experience with HBOT was in 1981. It was used to stop the right lower jaw bone from dying off.
Pieces of the bone were breaking off and working out the side of my face.
The reason for this was due to the radiation treatments I had gone through in 1973 for the right parotid gland cancer that I had gone through.
Radiation was different back in that time period, then it is today.
The treatments were successful in stopping the destruction process of the lower right jaw bone and mandible.
In 2012 and I went through my journey with cancer with the left parotid and radiation therapy again.
I had a different problem this time with the results of radiation, or perhaps this time we detected it sooner.
In 2014, I started having pain in the lower left jaw and mandible.
The oral surgeon monitoring it didn't want to operate and postpone surgery until January of this year.
I suggested trying the HBOT back in 2016 to my radiation oncologist, and my oral surgeon had already suggested it also.
So in 2017 we were able to get the HBOT started. In today's world there is a name given to process of what was going on with the jaw.
It's now called osteomyelitis due to radiation therapy.
So after 40 session of HBOT, we found out that it was done to late. It should have been done back in 2014 or 2015.
The disease had progressed to far.
The jaw fracture while I was doing mouth exercises to stretch my mouth open due to limited mouth opening caused by radiation.
In January this year I had to have major jaw reconstruction surgery.
But the HBOT was still worth having as I was able to recover from the surgery and healing process far better the n the doctors had expected.

The above is my personal experience with HBOT and it was positive both times.

I hope I have given you some thoughts as to where to get information.



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